Zint: Manual

6. Types of symbology

6.7 Other Barcode-Like Markings

6.7.1 Facing Identification Mark (FIM)

zint -b FIM --compliantheight -d "C"

Used by the United States Postal Service (USPS), the FIM symbology is used to assist automated mail processing. There are only 5 valid symbols which can be generated using the characters A-E as shown in the table below.

Valid FIM Characters
Code Letter Usage
A Used for courtesy reply mail and metered reply mail with a
pre-printed POSTNET symbol.
B Used for business reply mail without a pre-printed zip code.
C Used for business reply mail with a pre-printed zip code.
D Used for Information Based Indicia (IBI) postage.
E Used for customized mail with a USPS Intelligent Mail barcode.

6.7.2 Flattermarken

zint -b FLAT -d "1304056"

Used for the recognition of page sequences in print-shops, the Flattermarken is not a true barcode symbol and requires precise knowledge of the position of the mark on the page. The Flattermarken system can encode numeric data up to a maximum of 90 digits and does not include a check digit.